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17″ floor buffer


17″ floor buffer


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“How To Remove Glue Residue on Concrete”

Our first recommendation would be a Surface Grinder, but in the current age of DIY Home Improvements,
there are easier, less expensive ways to complete this task.

A standard 17” Floor Scrubber (pictured above) with a 60-Grit sanding screen (our technicians will demonstrate
how to set up) along with a simple water based solution (do-it-yourself) will work just fine. This piece
of equipment is also easier to manage and gentler on the budget, it will work in most situations. Obviously,
if you’re doing a commercial job, a surface grinder is mandatory, but for the weekend warrior, this will work perfect!

One Gallon of HOT water (tap)
One Cup of Ammonia (store brand)
One Tablespoon Liquid detergent (laundry detergent)
Mix well
Pour on Concrete
Let mixture sit on concrete 3-5 minutes
Sand with Floor Scrubber until all glue is removed
Rinse sand screens periodically during scrubbing
Rinse concrete well with water afterwards

Ta Da!! You did it! And your Budget thanks you!